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Creative people tend to subject themselves to something I call introspective-rejection-depression. Let me explain. People who create stuff, whether it’s writing or art, do not succeed in supporting themselves with their creativity until the product is in front of the … Continue reading

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Time Management

We are not robots. We are humans trying to make a living while doing stuff that makes us feel like we belong. We are also creative beings who need to be alone sometimes. I started doing writing/editing because it was … Continue reading

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Punctuation in narrative genre fiction.

  I’ve been talking to several fellow editors this week about punctuation in narrative genre fiction. Partly because I write in this arena and partly because I’m currently working my way through about 250 short stories for an upcoming workshop. … Continue reading

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Social Media and You.

Oh Social Media, thou art a mean deity. I actually had to block two strangers from my Facebook page this week because they left nasty commentary to my admittedly heated post about a local man who is both a murderer … Continue reading

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