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Shedding My Skin

Every so often, perhaps every 7-10 years, I shed my past and move forward with a new persona. I call this shedding my skin. I’ll play with a few ideas before it happens, measure my level of dissatisfaction and discomfort, … Continue reading

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Drama For Drama’s Sake

We all know them. The people who become drama queens and kings because they want things their way or the highway. They make up lies, create unrealistic standards, and generally make you hate every moment you spend in their shadow. … Continue reading

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Skin Color

One of the hardest things about describing a character is the color of skin. We rely on some curious similes that generally relate to food. Peaches,¬†cream, mocha, olive… to name a few. Some descriptions bear a great deal of baggage … Continue reading

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Protag problems.

Have you ever gotten into a book only to discover part way through that you hate the protagonist? It’s a lot like relationships. You start off being attracted to the cover and¬†blurb, you read a few chapters, and you get … Continue reading

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